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One of the things I love about travelling or about living is FOOD… Yes, as you would have guessed by now from the travel blogs that I’ve posted, food is a major reason why I travel.  Food is the reason why many people travel. Food is the reason why we are alive.  Food when done well can invoke memories of happy moments. Food can take you back to places you have been and also places you have never been before……

In my blogs, you will be able to see food reviews of the restaurants I have been.  Perhaps embark on my food trail tours in Hong Kong as that’s where I based now, or my food trails in Singapore, where I was born and bred and of course, reviews of restaurants I have been everywhere else.

Follow me on my instagram @4toegraphs for instant photos of the food I’ve managed to stomach and if you want any tips on food in Hong Kong or Singapore, please drop m a message…..

Food blogs

Pintxos Alert- San Sebastián Spain

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Mott 32 – Beautiful destination but underwhelming food

You will not regret staying at least a few days in Lima just to eat. Your tastebuds will thank you.

I love Jungsik, it’s a must eat in Seoul!

The only average 2 star michelin Kwonsoksoo

Eat, Explore, Sleep, Repeat…..