Stella is a 30something, yoga loving foodie and mostly-solo traveller whose bucket list is to travel to as many countries as she can in this life time. She’s done 46 so far and aims to do all countries which her Singapore Passport allows visa free.

She don’t mean just around the world in 80 days.  When she travels, she loves to spend more time in each place so that she can seek out the places where locals love to go, eat, play and relax.

She especially loves places that are naturally beautiful or are man made wonders. She has a penchant for beautiful architecture and is an old soul at heart so she love things that are really really old and transports her back to a time where her parents/ grandparents/ ancestors used to know.

She believes that you should only take photographs as memories and leave the places you see as untouched as it can be.  Her travel photographs are on sale on her Facebook page or feel free to message her for details.

She started this blog so that you all can share her journey and also, get the low down and highlights on the perils/wonders of travelling solo as grown up woman and how to make most of your journey.

Of course, you will also get tips on where to eat, go and rest on the destinations she has been.

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