A Seoulful weekend with amazing food and company!

I love Seoul!!!! The food is just so amazing and it’s made extra special when I enjoy them with my Seoul sistas. This trip to Seoul, I ate at my favourite restaurants that I discovered in my last trip and added a few more favorites.

Ones that I’ve repeated was Jungsik, my favourite Michelin in Asia now that Andre’s has closed in Singapore. This winter, the menu had changed a little bit but my few favorites dishes were still there.

How can I come to Seoul without eating Samgyetang? I went to Toaokchon again and it didn’t disappoint. Go before 12pm to skip the long queues. I waltzed in at 1130 this time and when I finished at 1230pm, the queue was super long. Lucky me! I tried the black chicken his time. I must say the soup tastes about the same as the white one but you get more meat with the white chicken.

On my first night, I met my friends for pork BBQ at Iksang-Dong. Exit from Jongno 3 station exit 6 and follow your nose to the street lined with traditional restaurants serving Korean food from stews to BBQ to cakes. We stopped at Go Chang jib which was the second stall to the right. It was a super busy and we were lucky my friend was a regular there so we got a seat by the terrace and when we finished at 830pm, they had already sold out the meats. You need to eat the pork collar, pork belly, intestines and skin. At the very end, my friends asked for rice and egg and seaweed and we made a delightful fried rice. My Seoul sistas said you have to have rice because there is always space for rice! They were right, it was too delicious not to eat it after Iris did the rice the way she did. It was also rather polluted when I was there so they said I have to eat more fatty meat because Koreans believe that the pollution gets washed out by the fats you eat and then gets pooped out and it’s mandatory to wash it down with soju or beer. Well, if the grandmas said so, I have to obey. 😂

This is the famous sesame leaf called Kkeanip in Korean. It’s delicious with pork

They use real coal so it’s real good

The fried rice at the end. We finished it all!

We walked around the beautiful streets lined with many nice cafes and shops after our hearty meal. Iksang-dong is now my favourite area on Seoul! There were not many foreign tourists here yet and I suspect after word gets out, there would soon be.

The next evening, I decided I needed to have another traditional Korean dish and that’s raw marinated crabs. The best place that’s also Michelin rates is at Mapo-gu called Jinmi Sikdang. They open for lunch at 12 and dinner at 5pm and they only serve thes delightfully soy sauce marinated blue swimmer crabs. When we arrived at 545pm, the owner said they were sold out. I was so sad and asked my friend Iris to see if they just have 1 crab, I only need 1 crab!! When she spoke to him in Korean and said I travelled from Singapore just to eat this, he said yes, we can give you one crab. OMG I was so lucky and happy and we happily shared that one crab and it was the best thing I’ve ever had this trip. I never knew I could eat cabs raw and this one, so sweet and tasty with the rice and crispy seaweed it came with. I will come back to Seoul just to eat this again and next time, I will come at 5pm so we can have 1 each.

This is my favourite side dish. The egg!

You mix the crab with rice and wrap it in the seaweed and add raw marinated octopus. So yummy!

The store front of the most famous raw crab place in seoul!

Because we only had 1 crab, Iris said we needed to have beer or soju and fried chicken. And the best one she likes is walking distance from the crab place, at a chain called Kkanbu! The spicy soy one was the best and it was easily wash down with the soju we had. What a delightful evening!

The next morning, even though I wasn’t hung over, it was a great excuse to drink Seolleongtang, which is beef bone soup served with rice and noodles. We went to Mapo Ok which is a 70 year old establishment which only serves Seolleongtang, with different portions of meat and we both ordered the one with brisket and loin meat. The soup was amazing and the meat super tender. Remember to ask for the more aged kimchi and spring onions. They open at 7am right through till the evening where you can just order meat and drink it with beer and soju. This place is also Michelin rated and it’s one of the best places for Seolleongtang, said the locals.

My tips to Seoul would not be complete without a trip to Majang market, yes I came back and this time with more friends, we were able to eat even more meat and it’s so affordable and delicious. Take the train to Majang station and look for exit 2 and walk for about 500m to see this. You look like you’re walking in an industrial estate but keep going till you see the main road, then, then left to see this!

Hanwoo is Korean grass fed free range cows and it’s so amazingly marbled

It’s mandatory to eat this cold noodles with vinegar and masters after all the greasy beef. This is how you stay slim ok?

After all the meat, we went to Itaewon to celebrate my last night in Seoul. We headed to Prost, which is one of the more popular drinking places even on a Sunday. Apparently, Prost is a popular joint to pick up singles and on Fridays and Saturdays, there could be 200-300 people!

After a few drinks at Prost, Claire said we have to eat Mandoo and try cheese Ramyeon nearby before we head home to bed.Such is Korean life, you eat and drink and drink and eat AGAIN! I always ask how they can stomach so much food and drink so much alcohol and still maintain so slim. They just said they eat a lot of vegetables. 😂😂😂 I guess the kimchi helps! We had very delicious Mandoo at Yago Mandoo and I must say the kimchi and beef Mandoo were delicious. The cheese Ramyeon, which my sistas loved I didn’t enjoy as much but the soup was amazing and sobered all of us up for our train ride back home.

If you are walking around the beautiful Jongno area, near Anguk station, do stop by at the beautiful bakery called Onion. It was opening day when we walked by. The interior looks amazing and the bread looks delicious but I resisted as I was saving my stomach for the beef! The beautiful street also has a beautiful old house and a vintage photograph shop. Worth a stroll!

Contemplating on the grounds of Bae Ryeum’s house.

And there you have it, all the delicious food you can stomach in 1 weekend in Seoul! I’ll be back!!

Never stop wandering!



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