Review of St Regis Lhasa

It’s claim to having the best address in Lhasa is partly true, as I’ve only stayed here in Lhasa and another guest house where my tour of 8 days in Tibet starts from.

St Regis is in the heart of the city and it’s surrounded by tall walls. Inside the tall walls are the 6 storey buildings that holds the opulent rooms that you will be sleeping in. The rooms are large, spacious and the bed very comfy, pretty standard of St Regis everywhere else. Although bath salts would be a nice touch for the bath tub. The area under the sink and the toilet also seems a bit aged as I see the paint falling off already. A nice touch was a humidifier in the room to keep your skin nice. There are also oxygen tanks if you feel sick and need it.

Nice tub

You make your own tea and coffee ok? No butler service

The St Regis butler service here is different from Singapore and Bangkok. They don’t offer to press your shirts, shine your shoes or bring your tea and coffee the way you want it. Basically, I asked them what is your butler service then? They said they can give you a tour of your room and also bring coffee and tea but they’ll charge you. So it’s just room service called butler service. Well, you do get the full works in Singapore and Bangkok so I guess either Marriott buying them over made them rethink this or Lhasa is just different from the other properties.

The reading room while they got my room ready

The spa and pool when I stayed here in September was under renovation. It was under renovation since August 2018. I took a look at the spa and pool and it looked rather amazing. The pool was square and in gold. I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the yoga classes that would have been if the spa was open. This was not stated on their website when I booked so I was seriously disappointed. And they didn’t tell me upon check in until I asked. They really should inform guests of this so they wouldn’t be disappointed as I booked it specifically for the spa and pool as it would really help me with my attitude sickness.

The door to the closed spa and pool. Did you really need more than 1 month to service it?

The service at the St Regis Lhasa was great. The staff are always friendly although a few of them do not speak English, they try their best. They also allowed me to check in early at 11am as my flight arrived Lhasa at 9am. That’s nice brownie points.

The walk around the buildings

The Chinese restaurant, Yan Ting in St Regis I really enjoyed as it was quiet. The food was great too as mushrooms were in season and they had a lot of specials that I’ve tried.

Entrance to YanTing restaurant

Matsutake mushrooms with cordyceps

Zang mushrooms, which is Tibetian mushrooms.

Shrimp with 4 types of mushrooms.

The main restaurant where they serve buffet breakfast lunch and dinner was called Social and the food was alright.

The yak beef noodles from Social. It was ok

The bar called Tubo on level 6 boasts beautiful views of the sunset and the view of Potala palace, the winter palace of the Dalai Lama. The selection of cocktails was not extensive but I didn’t try it as I’m trying to get climatized to the high altitude. Remember to stay past sunset as the night view is amazing.

Love the night view.

This is my humble opinion of the St Regis Lhasa. I prefer the Bangkok St Regis any day as it’s better value for money. But if I do come back to Lhasa, I’ll stay here again if the spa and pool is open. I’m still feel a bit cheated that their main relaxation facility was closed and I wasn’t informed prior to booking!

Eat, explore, sleep, repeat



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