Little morsels of happiness at Little Bao

Little Bao is a wee walk from the main Soho, just a little to the right when you get off the mid level escalators at Staunton street.

The venue is very modernist and its either the bar, or the walls.  I think its good of a small group because there’s not table seating, no reservations, no fuss.  The boys at Little Bao knows how to make good food fast and the crowd moves pretty quick. They have special cocktails too which has a japanese influence like sake, shisho leaf etc and it ups the ante on the cool vibe.

Let’s talk food!  Little Bao is well, BAOS! The boys really know how to combine traditional  Chinese ingredients to make little morsels of tasty ‘burgers’. The sweet and steamed till ubersoft Chinese baos are paired with either szechuan spicy FRIED chicken, lemongrass fish, or their signature slow braised pork belly which I highly recommend.  You wouldn’t be left out if you’re vegetarian because there is also one with veggies and mushrooms.  If you want a kick, use the hot sauce at the table.  Its good!

The Szechuan crispy fried chicken on the soft bun

The signature pork belly bao is so good I wish I had more belly space

You should definitely order more than just baos. I really liked the pork cheeks with burnt apple sauce.  The couple beside me order the Hot Chicken which was like spicy Korean fried drumsticks and it gave me food envy. I also spied a very loaded truffle fries and it had mushrooms and truffle mayo on it.  I need to go back again to taste these other plates!!!

These pork cheeks are so darn amazing

I’m gonna try these hot fried chicken next time

Don’t forget to leave space for dessert.  First, they fry the mini baos so that its crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  Then, they put a slab of either matcha ice cream with condensed milk or salt ice cream with caramel. How can this combo not be awesome? It was and I warn you first, 1 is not enough!

These are just too good.

Little Bao is open Mondays to Sundays from 6 till late at 11pm so you go for a quick Bao or 2 after your drinks at Soho or LKF…… perfect evening-CHECK!

Eat, explore, sleep, repeat



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