Review of Ronin Hong Kong

Ronin was an easy find if you know where to head. The secret is to just follow the street names and look for the bicycle shop beside it. Keep your eyes at the top for the number at the top and the secret door and VIOLA, you enter whisky and seafood paradise.

The door to Ronin. No name, no signs, nothing

This is a place to impress a date, or your bestie from Singapore celebrating her birthday! The interior is like a secret bar only for the discerning and the drinks list is very impressive indeed with cocktails and whisky as old as your grandpa. I’m sure they taste good, but you’re gonna need a dollop of moolah.

All whisky I kid you not. Mostly old Japanese ones

We had the cocktails instead of whisky.

Ok the food.

Ronin has an omakase set (chef decides what you eat!) And their menu changes according to what fresh produce they can get their hands on. But one constant I found was the crab and uni combo which is the highlight of the meal. It’s awesomely good. If you get the omakase for 2, you have to share it. I went with my fellow foodie girlfriend from Singapore and us, being crab lovers decided we cannot share a crab! So we decided to go ala carte and got a crab each and it didn’t disappoint.

Uni is already one of my favourite thing to eat on this earth, and how did Ronin make it better? Put it with crab and you get this amazing flavours and sweetness only fresh uni and crab can give. Imagine you didn’t need to peel or crack the crab, it’s done for you. It’s goodness to the mostest. And here’s a pic for you.

The evergreen item on the menu, crab and sea urchin.

My second favourite thing to eat there was the Kagoshima beef topped with maitake mushrooms and ONSEN egg. The flavours when mixed together was amazing. It was smothered with a delicious sukiyaki sauce that made all the favours come together and the beef simply melts in your mouth.

Here were the other things we managed to stomach.

Razor clams, bacon, eggplant in a gratin. Flavours and textures was the highlight of this dish.

Ebi, Hotate and shisho tempura in their special sauce. A bit unimpressed by this one honestly.

The eel rice is supposedly very good. It was very tasty, but Okra makes a better one.

The seasonal starter, our initiation to good food that came after

You eat the whole darn crab. It’s damn good

Our bill came up to HKD2500 for both of us, tips not included

The service was great as they were attentive and gave good recommendations and clearly know their menu well.

Would we go back again??

Yes yes and yes. But next time we will plan in advance and make a reservation instead of having to stand there at 550 to be the first to get a table.

Eat, explore, sleep, repeat



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