My Patagonia adventures – part 1 where I head to the end of the world! 

My Patagonia adventure started in Puerto Madryn. In just 2 hours from Buenos Aires, you are flown into natures paradise in the far south. Patagonia is the entire south area of Argentina and Chile and it’s a massive land area. As you head further south or further west, you find that the landscapes are quite different.

Let’s start with Puerto Madryn. It’s a busy sea port and it has a few tours that you can take. I love penguins and whales, which was why these 2 tours were top of my list.

The beach port of Puerto Madryn

Whale watching with Whales Antarctica was a very comfortable 1.5 hours ride on a stable catamaran designed for whale watching as it has 3 decks so you don’t block anyone. The boatman and guide has very good knowledge about the whales too. October is training season so you see a lot of mothers training their calves. It was an amazing thing to get so close to the mother and baby whale and one of the most magical things you will experience as you see the mother train her baby and they make wonderful noises while at it. I booked the tour with Huinca travel for Peninsula Valdés. On top of the whales, you get to travel 400m around the nature reserve and spot wild animals like the guanaco, foxes, elephant seals, sea lions and penguins.

I went on this giant boat, so you get unobstructed views


If you love penguins, you’re gonna love Punta Tombo. The colony of penguins is a fantastic hike of 2 hours and you get to really get up close to the very cute penguins and with an experienced guide who love penguins, we were able to know so much about them. You can book this trip with most of the hostels or tour company. I booked mine with Huina as well for my 3 days there and they also took care of my transfers. After Punta Tombo, we stopped at the paleontological museum. I felt the Museum was too small to warrant the 150 pesos entry fee but if you love dinosaurs, it’s a good place!

You see hundreds of them up close and in their natural habitat

For food, I loved Mariscos Del Atlantico near the pier. The Seafood is amazing. They open at 8pm for dinner and I ate there all 3 nights. My hostel recommended it and it was very very good and the price I checked was slightly cheaper than the rest of the seafood restaurants. Another one recommended was El Nautico. I didn’t eat there but you can try 😂 my hostel was El Galicho and I liked the staff there and the facilities were good and rooms are clean.

The grilled fish is always a good choice

< /span>< /span>

The seafood platter was amazing

< /span>< /span><<<t, I headed to the end of the world, down south to Ushuaia. I flew for 2 hours but there is also the option to take the bus for 35 hours.

Ushuaia is gorgeous. There are also quite a number of things you can do, like even hop on to a cruise to Antarctica but it will be at least USD8000 and it’s 16-21 days.

In Ushuaia, the most famous and delicious thing to eat is Centollas, which is crabs. If you like meat, there is also Patagonian lamb which you have to try. The Merluza Negra and the trout is also supposedly delicious. I didn’t get to try the Merluza Negra because the restaurant I went didn’t have it but I heard it’s delicious. The entire crab from Mariscos Freddy’s cost about SG$80 for a 1.5 kg one and I shared it with my hostel mate. It’s very with the money. I had the lamb at at all you can eat restaurant and it was pretty good too. It’s called Parilla La Estancia, near the pier.

The centollas were awesome. I had it twice! Once like this, fresh from the waters. And the other time Freddy’s style, with cream and mushrooms

< /span>< /span>

All you can eat Parillas. Follow your nose

< /span>< /span><<<ayed at a hostel 45 minutes walk to the main town called La Posta but it’s a beautiful hostel that is a short walk to the large lake that faces Chile. It’s also near to the National Park and airport.

The beautiful scenery along the coast

< /span>< /span>

The lovely lake

< /span>< /span><<<rra Del Fuente is a pristine National Park and I hiked with Antatur. After a 3 hour hike, they prepare your lunch in a tent beside a beautiful lake and it seems they are the only one with the tent by the lake. The driver was our chef and he made a delicious chicken stew for lunch with wine and dessert too. After lunch, we had the chance to paddle in the river of the National Park and it was quite a fun adventure with great views. They provide you with boots and waterproof pants and it was quite a fun way to see the mountains from a different perspective.

The forest!

< /span>< /span>

Tierra Del Fuente. We were lucky it’s was sunny most of the time

< /span>< /span>

The only time it rained was when we were having lunch in the tent

< /span>< /span>< he second day, I took a boat trip along the beagle channel to see the iconic ‘end of the world’ lighthouse before Antartica and also, learn more about the wildlife at sea. You will see the cormorants colony and the sea lion colony up close as well and experience the treacherous sea waves boats have to maneuver to get to Antartica. You get to hike an island that used to be inhabited by the indigenous people and their life is really interesting. I won’t tell you because you have to hear the story for yourself. It’s pretty sad because they don’t live there anymore. The island gives beautiful views. When I was there it was cold and windy at the top, so bring a good jacket.  span id=”img_container_20BE84D2-D32B-4B19-9151-A0779DF4D9E0″ class=”img_container”><<<uaia is the last stop for major boats and cruise ships to refuel and restock before they head down to Antartica. There are many tour companies along the pier that do these tours so just take your pick. I did mine with Patagonia Explorer Adventures.

The most enjoyable thing to do for me in the morning and evenings is to hang out by the large lakes because the views from there is beautiful.

u have more time and warm clothes, hike up the glaciers there. It’s quite a good hike but really cold and windy said my hostel mates.<<<
gonia is a really beautiful and pristine place with fantastic wildlife but don’t take my word for it, go see it for yourself! It’s also completely safe to camp out as there are no deadly snakes, spiders or scorpions that will bite you. The only way you may die is fall from a hike or get hit by a fallen tree or die of the cold if you’re lost. So seriously, get down there. It’s really beautiful.

Oh! For more penguin and whale videos, follow 4toegraphs on insta and Facebook. It’s there!



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