Germany Germany you have been great! 

My final day in Germany and what do I do? Visit the iconic and fairy tale inspiring Schloss Neuschwanstein of course. 
King Ludwig 2 built this beautiful castle on a hill because of the magnificent surroundings. Unfortunately, he only lived in this castle for 100 over days before he was found mysteriously dead in the lake near Munich. The castle is 19th century and has the first telephone in Munich, but because not many people had phones then, there weren’t many people the king could call. It also has a toilet flushing system and a central heating system. The castle is a perfect showcase of opulence inside, well he almost bankrupted the whole country building this. I can’t take pictures so you have to go see it for yourself. 

The view from the bridge. Remember to hike to it.

Do get the advance tickets from like I did to skip the queues. I got the swan ticket which meant I could visit the museum, Schloss Hohenschwabgau and Schloss Neuschwanstein. You can only go by guided tours and you can’t buy tickets at the castle itself. The entry to the castles are timed so you have to park and get all tickets at the ticket center. If you wanna feel like a princess, the horse drawn carriage is the cheapest here because you share it with many others. I walked everywhere because the views are stunning. The lake, the castles, the forests and don’t forget the bridge. I went when it was cloudy but my friends told me it looks amazing in winter when it’s all white. To explore everything and walk everywhere took me the whole afternoon. Do remember to go to the bridge! And eat the donut balls on your hike up to Neuschwanstein! 

Hohenschwagau was built by his father Maximilian and kind Ludwig 2 lived here when he was a kid and whilst Neuschwanstein was being built

The beautiful lake. You can rent a boat!

Only 4.5 euros!

I stayed at Steakhouse Fussen through and it’s a simple no fuss zimmer and restaurant and has amazing views of the river Lechfall that also generates electricity. The view is stunning so it’s worth my 35 euro room fee. 

The view from my room in Fussen

This hiatus makes my end to my Germany trip and I really loved the following. 
The food can be cheap and delicious.

Curry Wursts, bratwursts, doner kebabs, pork knuckles paired with cheap thirst quenching beer or affordable smooth wine. 

My favourite? The Zweibel in Bamberg paired with the delicious thick and wholesome smoked dark beer. 

The stuffed onion, Zweibel is just amazing!

The Drives!

Have I mentioned there are no speed limits? If you have money to spare, rent a better car and drive fast! There is no speed limits on most autobahns. I drove my fiat 500 convertible at 160km/hr most times and I can see the Porsches zoom past me probably at 200km/hr or more. I see a lot of Swiss cars drive fast here too 😂. 

The scenic drives in Moselle, Rhine, blackforest and along the south near Bodensee have unbeatable views. 

The many Schlosses and churches. So many are Unesco and all are beautiful. 

The history of it all, brings me back to my school days where I learnt all about WW2 and this is a great refresher. The Berlin Wall and Dachau were so emotional for me, especially if you speak to a local and learn more about how their grandparents or parents lived through it all. 

And that’s it, my Germany leg! Do ask me any questions or tips you need on the places I’ve been. And never stop wandering!!  


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