A triple treat of Unesco monuments awaits you in Trier. Then, feel as good as Cleopatra and bathe in the mineral filled thermal waters in Baden Baden. 

Driving from Moselle to Blackforest, I stayed over night in the Unesco monument filled towns of Trier and then headed to Baden Baden for a 3 hour spa retreat. 
Trier has roman ruins but I didn’t feel that was the highlight of the town because I’ve visited the ruins in Rome and Agrigento, Sicily and thus, the baths and amphitheater here paled in comparison. 

The roman amphitheater of Trier

However, take a walk into the historic town and you’re in for a triple treat. The 3 churches that are large and beautiful inside and out are all Unesco and they are the most beautiful I’ve seen so far here in Germany. Konstatin Basilica, Church of our Lady and Dom St. Peter. The beauty was probably magnified because there is no scaffolding outside like most others I’ve seen as there isn’t a need for restoration. Phew. I spent quite a bit of time admiring the inside because it’s really simple yet beautiful. Outside, because they are so huge, you need to back off quite a bit to take photos of its entire height and width. 

Unesco Church of our Lady

I’ve never seen such a beautiful organ

The cloister of Dom Trier

The interior of Konstatin

The museum and gardens near the Roman bath ruins, where I parked my car

The town of Trier is quite big but filled with beautiful buildings and shops, cafes and restaurants that you can take a break in after all the walking. 

My quick curry wursts lunch with fries!

Thenafter, I headed to Baden Baden because Mark Twain, Queen Elizabeth and Obama were also here to do what else? Spa in the mineral rich thermal waters. Here in friedrichsbad, there is the only steam room in the world that is still geo thermally heated like 100s of years ago. You will have to be butt naked though! You have been warned. Thenafter, you will feel like Cleopatra. Oh! If you’re lucky to get the separate days, you can be butt naked with your own gender 😂. In Baden Baden, spa is a 17 step ritual from shower to a soap and brush scrub, and then steam, soak in the various warm and cool pools and jacuzzi and then relaxing with a cup of tea at the end of it all. Alles Gute. 

THE spa of Baden Baden that has the world’s only steam room heated by Geo thermal energy

It is quite posh inside. The reception will earn you. You have to be completely naked 😂

After all that spa, I was ready for my evening drive to Blackforest and a good sleep. 

Love the drives in Germany. 



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