My road trip on the Rhine and Moselle valley is so gorgeous.

Although it was cloudy all the time I was there and I could only let the top of my convertible down once, it was still a beautiful place to drive in. 

Beautiful roads you drive on

I stayed at a beautiful house through Airbnb (get $50 off, click here!) in Kasbach Ohlenburg, just in the Rhine region. From there, it is an amazing scenic drive along the Rhine river banks. There are so many cute castles above hilltops and also cute little villages. There’s even one castle that’s a toll station that’s on the waters. It’s called Pfalzgrafenstein castle. You can take the ferry there to see how it looks like inside.  
The toll castle set in the middle of the river
The big and touristy town of Rudesheim Am Rhein is a nice stop over because it has restaurants, cafes, shopping, a wine museum, a monastery perched on the hills and the chair lift up to the monument where you get panoramic views of the surroundings. I didn’t take it as it was raining when I went. So I had a nice brunch and then took shelter in the wine museum that used to be a castle. 

These vintages of wine bottles are older than me. Found in the wine museum in Rudesheim

Look out for the wine museum in Rudesheim

The very cute town

Turn into the street when you see this. It brings you to the chair lift and the street is beautiful

I then went to the Abby of St Hildegard for some wine tasting and the views from there are amazing, so was the wine. This is the only monastic winery in Germany and their wines have won several awards. The rieslings range from 6-15 euros. I got the sweeter one from the late harvest called ‘Spatlese’ and it was amazing with fruits and cookies that I had for supper and shared with my kind host who also offered me home grown and cooked tomato soup. 

The wines! You can try before you buy. The nuns serve you.

The only monastic vineyard in Germany. The nuns still make their own wine from the vines grown here. The wine is amazing. I regret not buying more!

The beautiful chapel in the monastery of St Hildegard

According to my bnb owner, St Hildegard was a very smart nun. She wrote a lot of books on herbs and their medicinal value

The old town of Rudesheim is also very pretty to stroll on. It’s not big and it’s basically a pedestrian stretch and the buildings are all historical and colourful. You also see vines growing amongst the buildings. 

Streets of Rudesheim

Even the postbox is cute

On my way back to the house, I stopped by St Goar because it was so cute I had to stop to take photos. There are so many cute towns along the Rhine and the advantages of having a car is you can stop almost anywhere and any time. 

St Goar

I drove to Koblenz in the late afternoon and parked at the very new looking Forum shopping mall. From there, it’s a short walk to the old town. Koblenz is a bigger town and there is a super large Deutsch monument(German corner) by the river. Koblenz is special because it is where Rhine meets Moselle. 

Feel free to wander around Ludwig museum and the gardens because there are cute art installations there. There are also nice churches for you to roam into. 

Ludwig museum

The Deutsch Monument

You have to also walk and experience the old town as it has many beautiful old buildings and there are many restaurants that you can eat at. I chose Vietnamese because I’m missing Asian food ๐Ÿ˜‚. I am very surprised and thankful that Germany is affordable in terms of food (and parking!) compared to the other European cities.

The next day, I drove to Burg Eltz. This is a castle perched on a hilltop and you have to park your car then walk 20 minutes on a path that’s clearly marked. The entrance fee is 10 euros but it comes with an English tour. My tour was very crowded. I guess 11am is the magical hour and I never seen so many people on the same hike as me. You can also hike around the forest surroundings if you wish from Burg Eltz. This castle is still privately owned by one of the families.  Previously, 3 very rich families lived here in harmony and inside are a lot of treasures from the late 14-18 century. I love the clocks that are very old. 

14th century clock

We’re all waiting for the tour of Burg eltz

Burg Eltz. Perched on a hill

The next town I stopped at was Beilstein and I’m on the Moselle banks. It is so cute and beautiful and you should go up to Burg Metternich because the views from there is great. The cathedral is also very pretty inside and out. And the old town was so cute with so many beautiful old buildings you have to wander around it. So stop at one of the many shops that offer wine tasting, Riesling of course and have a snack. 

Moselle river

View from Burg Metternich

Burg Metternich from below

The cute town of Beilstein

There are cute villages on either side of the bank. You can take car ferries across for 3 euros or less

A stop in Moselle Valley is incomplete if you don’t stop at Traben Trarbach. These twin cities on opposite sides of Moselle is linked by a cute pink and green bridge. I stopped by to wine taste and buy wine at Louis Klein. They hold English tours at 11am so I missed it. But you can also ask the tourist counter if you want to join other tours if you’re there for a longer time. Their vines are within Traben Trarbach so you’re in for a treat. They have rieslings of course and a surprisingly nice red called Domfelder. You can also buy grape juice if you’re not alcoholic like me. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The town of Traben Trarbach

The pink and green bridge looks out of place with the beautiful old buildings

I stopped for dinner after walking the beautiful old town at Stadt Muhle. This restaurant has been around since 1680 and it has delicious meat and fish. It was packed when I was there, because food is tasty and affordable. 

My fish dinner in Stadt Muhle. Comes with fries and free flow salad bar! All for 20 euros plus wine

If you love cycling, Moselle has amazing cycling routes and the roads have special cycling tracks. You can rent bikes easily for a day and cycle to all the places above

Next up, I drive south to stay at a Hotel in Trier because that’s where I’m going next as I head further south towards the Black Forest. I booked my hotel through and if you want a discount, click here for the referral code ๐Ÿ˜„

Stay tuned and never stop wandering. Or wander from your couch through my blog ๐Ÿ˜˜



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