Top 10 reasons why I love Switzerland 

My love for Swiss cheese, alps, lakes and the beautiful and neat greenery ends with the top  10 reasons why I love this country and can see myself living here. 
1) Their efficient transport system. 

Where else in the world can you take boat, steamship, cablecar, funicular, alpinetrain, normal train, tram, bus and walk everywhere and not be stranded because whenever you are, there will always be a form of transport to bring you where you want to be. Buy the Swiss pass if you’re traveling for a weeek or more. It’s so bloody worth your while. Oh and everything is on the sbb (swiss transport) app and it’s bloody accurate, even for how long it delays, in real time. Can you beat that? 

2) Have you seen their nature trails? 

They’ve made it a real art form. All trails are carefully designed for different interests, fitness levels and they are clearly marked out. Oh! And they also have fountains for you to drink water from and bio toilets that are clean, right in the middle of the woods! And because it’s so spaced out, you can feel like you’re the only one there and then you always bump into people along it. So cool right? I say hi to everyone and they say hi back. So friendly right? 😂😂 And that’s why everyone in Switzerland is so fit. Everyone does it, daily for some. 

3) The Alps!

Getting up there is an adventure, so is getting around and down. There are so any ways, see number 1. And my favorite? All are my favourites because they’re so different. You can’t really tell all of them apart but if I really have to pick one, I must say I enjoyed Pilatus because it looks so good with the jaggedly top and the summer toboggan was soo soo fun to come down with! But if I have to choose one with the best views, it has to be Matterhorn’s alpine wanderweg because I was showed by Swiss people is it was done! 

4) I don’t need to buy water because water is everywhere. 

They have carefully placed fountains for everyone and it’s so beautifully decorated. You find it on the streets, on trails, in train stations. And have I told you that it’s always cold? Fabulous on a warm hiking day. 

5) The lakes. 

Something about the lakes and how it looks, especially when it’s a alpine lake at the top of the alps. Or even the lakes in Lucerne, Lausanne, Interlaken and Geneva! My favourite is the Interlaken one coz you can do so many things when you get off the lake 

6) Swiss Cheese

Raclette is a winter food but it tastes soo good even in summer. Melted on carrots and meat is my favourite! The alpine cheeses also tastes great, they have so many different ones to choose from and they all taste mildly different. Bring the hard ones on your hike with some fruits and veg. Perfect hiking snacks. And have you tried the cheese tart from Chas Barmettler in Lucerne? Best. Thing. You. Can. Put. In. Your. Mouth. 

7) Ice cream! 

I think it’s got something to do with the milk and the alpine water. Movenpick is good but Bachmann’s got my heart. 

8) The grand train tour of Switzerland 

Glacier express

Golden pass line

Voralpen Express

Gotthard Panorama express just to name a few! 

My favourite? It’s no even listed but it’s from Lausanne to Montreux. Just glorious. 

9) Have you seen the Swiss men 

Tall, fit and friendly. They sure know how to look good. Especially the alpine train guys in Rigi and the guys in the Zurich street parade. You know they all work out. And the farmers? They’re all ribbed! You know the post about the calendar farmer boys? Yup, I’ve seen some on Rigi! 

10) The St Gallen Cathedral and Library. 

The most beautiful interiors I’ve seen. And yes I’m a nerd so I loved the library! It’s got the complete collection of books older than your great x10 grandparents.  Some books are from before 1000. And of course it’s Unesco. Just basically all the Swiss old buildings look well preserved and picturesque. No photos are allowed inside but the Swiss are so thoughtful they put a picture of the interior outside so you can take a selfie. How cool! Remember to take the funicular up behind the cathedral to get a birds eye view of the entire St Gallen. 

So what you waiting for? 


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