Dubrovnik, my final stop in Croatia and it’s been a blast! 

Dubrovnik was everything that you’ve heard about – Game of Thrones fans flock here, beautiful city walls, beautiful seas and very nice people. People in Croatia have been very nice to me, plus they all speak fluent English so it’s easy to navigate the city. My final night in Dubrovnik I spent atop the hill, via the cable car. As I sat here watching the sunset on the beautiful seas, I realized that my beach holiday will be coming to an end because my next stops are Switzerland and Germany. 

The walls encircle the whole old town. It’s a must do either early morning or evenings

I very easily realize why people come to Croatia in summer. Because they have clean blue clear seas that are cool to dip in the very hot summer temperatures, wonderful seafood, meat and awesome sunsets. The people are also wonderful to get along with. Everyone is so so nice. It’s also very safe for a female traveler. There are many other female travelers who stayed with me at the hostel and they come from all around the globe. Of course Dubrovnik is very touristy and very crowded, but it doesn’t mean you should shun from it. I spent a whole day walking the old town and because Dubrovnik is so close to Bosnia & Herzegovina and to Montenegro, it’s also a good place to take a day trip to visit 2 very different countries. 

You get great views from walking the city walls

You see old buildings being restored

In Dubrovnik old town, I was charmed by the architecture and also how majestic the city walls can be. I’ve not watched Games of Thrones so I can’t comment what was shot where but I’ll say that the old town was rather big and you don’t really run out of things to do. Everyone’s favourite thing to do is to walk the city walls. I love the views and it was a great work out definitely, but it was really hot for me even at 5pm as it was 38 degrees still. I recommend you bring a large bottle of water and refill them at the fountains in the old town and also, bring good walking shoes for it. The steps are many and the rocks can be slippery. I walked them in my slippers and I survived but my calves were aching the next morning. If you’re a GOT fan, you can also take the GOT walking tours that you can sign up easily almost at any tourist stand. Night time in the old town is also beautiful when all the lights come on. The old buildings suddenly look extremely romantic 

The Main Street. Have a drink here and people watch. It’s Croats favorite pastime

Wander the small streets off the main one and find gems like this

I recommend you buy the 1 day Dubrovnik card for 190 kunas as it gives you entry to the walls, museums, Pucic palace, the church and a 24 hour public bus ticket. It’s worth it because the walls is 150 kunas and the palace is already 100 kunas. The cathedrals are free to visit and beautiful and you shouldn’t miss the Museum of Natural history. I love the exhibits there especially the top floors because it’s about the sea. I love the seas and in there you see displays of sea creatures and you also get to know more about the fishes they have in the Adriatic Sea. 

The Franciscan monastery cloister

Just outside the palace

My favourite exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. The Dubrovnik card includes this.

Like my guide said, the Adriatic Sea is very kind and there aren’t many dangerous creatures. He’s right, I’ve swam in the seas, lakes and rivers of Croatia and so far, no stings, no bites and just beautiful clear waters with fish and rocks. The fish and seafood from the Adriatic Sea is also extremely delicious because the water is very salty but part of the sea also gets fed from the mountain rivers, as in Krka, or from Bosnian mountains, they get a certain sweetness that’s not found elsewhere. Try the mussels and octopus and you’ll know. 

I had 2 very good dinners at Pantatul. They are Michelin recommended and you should definitely make a reservation. My hostel host said it’s his favourite restaurant in Dubrovnik too. Around there, you can walk to a promenade towards Lapad beach and there you can see a beautiful sunset on a busy pebbled beach. The other sunset spot would be to take the cable car up from the old town. Once you’re up, walk down the steps and head towards the carpark and walk towards the direction of the sun. You will come to a large open field and just sit there and enjoy the sunset, or write a blog like I’m doing now 😄. 

The fried smelt with peppers at Pantarul was a delight

You must have grilled octopus. It’s very good. This is from Pantarul

The foie gras with bacon and dogs brioche topped with apple and vanilla sauce

I had my last dinner at Kopun, also Michelin recommended. The oysters are nice and the chicken with porcini, a 19 century recipe was recommended but I tasted better. 

Croatian beer. Light and nice

Oysters from Ston, takes 2 years to cultivate. it’s tiny but nice.

The Kopun chicken with porcini mushrooms. A recipe from long long time ago at Kopun. Kopun also means chicken

I’m so glad I took the chance to come up the hills the see the sunset because it’s a wonderful end to my Croatian leg. It’s very easy to fall in love with Croatia if you love the sun, seas and beautiful old buildings. 

Sunset on Lapad beach. Great place to swim too

Take the cable car 1 hour before sunset. It gets more crowded closer to sunset.

Sunset from the top of the hill at Dubrovnik old town

Here’s my take on 

The best sunsets – Zadar, Korcula and Dubrovnik 

The best place to swim – Zadar, Korcula and the upper bits of Krka falls, the lakes in Mljet

The best cultural bits – Zagreb and It’s also cheaper than the islands

Food – eat Cervapcici, oysters, mussels, black risotto and scampi 

Enjoy what Croatia has to offer soon before they change to Euros and everything becomes even more expensive. 



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