How I packed for my 6 months RTW trip

How I packed for my 6 month long round the world trip.

The first thing you need to decide is what your main luggage and your handheld one would be. Anything more it’s too many things to manage.

I chose to bring my hugeass Rimowa wheeler because the wheels are super smooth no matter what your load is. (My load today was 27kgs and it was wheeling fine in the Changi airport floor). You can also bring a backpack as it’s easier to carry around when you’re moving from point to point but because I have very bad shoulders and back, I can’t carry a heavy load on my shoulders for too long. The only point when you will really regret the wheeler is when you are lugging it along cobbled stone streets and also up old hotels/bnbs with no lift! Otherwise, most places you go are wheelchair friendly (slopes, ramps, elevators) so it is much easier now than ever to have a wheeler.

My good friend introduced me to the Pacsafe hand carry bag. It’s RFID safe so you an safeguard your personal details on your credit card and passport from identity theft and also, they have the anti theft technology which means it’s not easily pickpocketed and almost impossible to slash through. I got the black CS400 which is quite big and you can sling it too. It also has many compartments to put your things and hooks. My problem is remembering which pocket I put which items 😂

The countries that I’m doing in Europe is summer and South and Central America will also be warm except when I’m high up in the mountains. Thus I’ve packed for main summer weather and a light puffy jacket for the mountains when I’m hiking up Machu Pichu and the Swiss alps. Here is my packing list.

1) Medicines
For diarrhea, pain, fever, allergies, melatonin, prescription medicine and eye drops. I’ve got autoimmune disease so I’ve got 6+ months worth of prescription medicines and also supplements. You should consider probiotics, vitamin C at a minimum. I also bring my tiger balm (it helps headaches, bites and travel sickness)

2) Shoes
I always bring slippers, sneakers and flats at a bare minimum. This trip, I packed
slippers, ballerina flats, sneakers, hiking sandals (for the waterfall hikes) and my booties (for diving, swimming and snorkeling to prevent cuts on rocks and stones)

3) Clothes (7 days worth at least)
You should do laundry at any chance you get but not everywhere is convenient. So I always pack at least 7 days of clothing. It’s worked well for my 3 months trip to Europe in October 2016.
This is what I’ve packed for this trip
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of trousers
2 pairs of leggings
5 sleeveless tops
2 long sleeved tops (for the Mayan village as you have to be conservative)
5 sets underwear (I wash them as I go as they’re small and easy to dry!)
1 pretty dress (for ballet/theatre performances/nice dinners)
3 summer dress (because summer can be very hot in Portugal, Croatia and Cuba. U also need a dress to salsa in Cuba and Santiago!)
2 scarfs (1 doubles as a wraparound for visiting cathedrals if I’m in shorts)
2 pairs of shorts
3 sets yoga clothes that double up as sleep clothes. (I’m going for a 7 day yoga retreat in Costa Rica!)
2 sets sleep clothes (long pants and loose cotton tee)
4 thermal tops (uniqlo is lightweight and Kathmandu delivers!)
1 thermal leggings/stockings
1 lightweight puffy jacket.
Gloves and fleece cap for the Swiss alps
1 cashmere cardigan
3 bikinis (I’m diving in Galapagos!)
4 pairs of socks

4) Lip balm and Sunblock for face and body (it’s summer!)

5) Cap/hat for hiking else my scalp will get burnt. I also got myself a 200g hiking stick

6) ‘Clean’ snacks
I always bring beef jerky as nuts due to my AI condition. They’re easy to carry, protein packed and tasty! I’m currently in love with Snack Guru’s beef jerky in a resealable pack! Yums! Get them from

7) Snorkel and mask
I’ve read Portugal, Croatia, Ecuador and Belize are all beach havens for snorkeling! I’m also diving in Ecuador and I like my own mask. I can’t wait!

8) Mini torch
In case of darkness and blackouts

9) 1 poncho because an umbrella is not wind proof and I can push my luggage with both hands when it rains instead of struggling with the brolly

10) Sunglasses

11) Cellphone x2 and chargers and travel adapters

12) Camera and chargers

13) Travel pillow, eye masks (in summer, sun rises at 4am. I’ll need it!)

14) Passport and visas and international driving permit and credit cards and money

15) Book

16) Money belt, a small backpack for my hike trips and a small dry bag for the waterfalls and snorkeling trips

17) Water bottle BPA free to save the environment and fill up with water whenever I can.

18) Toiletries
Shampoo & conditioner, facial wash and body foam
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Makeup (BB cream, SPF50, mascara, blusher, lip balm, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner only, keeping it light!)
Moisturizers for eyes, face and body
Essential oils – lavender for sleep, citronella for mozzies, tea tree oil for pimples, frankincense for my immunity and lemon (therapeutic grade) for adding to my water in the mornings, since I can’t bring my real lemons or buy them all the time
Nail clipper (6 months is a long time to go without cutting nails)
Perfume – I also use geranium and lavender essential oil as my perfume. Lavender is also helpful for keeping bed bugs away!
Q tips, pads and tampons 2 months worth so I’ll buy the rest where I am.
Tissues, dry and wet

Make sure you check if you need vaccinations. I got my yellow fever and typhoid shots for South America. Yellow fever is mandatory for entry into some countries. I got my shots at the travelers clinic in Tan Tock Seng hospital.

I’ve left my watch, jewelry and designer bags at home for obvious reasons. Safety is first.

Can’t wait to travel to the 15 countries I’ve never been before!

Let the games begin!

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  1. Thank you for bringing our jerky along! Very privileged to be part of one of the 18 to pack list 🙂 Hope they keep you satiated in your wonderous journey ahead. Have a safe trip!


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